dimanche 13 avril 2008

Tikka tikkaaaaaaa!!

Alors hier je suis alle au "Monkey Temple" et je me suis faite faire un "Tikka", alors JE NE SAIS RIEN sur ce truc pour le moment mais il va vraiment falloir que je me renseigne sur la signification!! En tous cas ca m'a vraiment amusee et c'etait super mystique quand la "dame" me l'a fait.
Je ne sais pas si vous remarquez mais en plus de mon sautoir j'ai un "collier-filet" rouge autours du coup, c'est ce qu'on m'a mis apres le tikka!

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Tikka or Teeka is the English transliteration for two entirely distinct South Asian/Indian words: tikka with a soft initial 't' and tikka with a hard initial 't'. This often causes some confusion as to which 'tikka' is meant.

Tikka with a soft initial 't' means a piece of meat, such as a cutlet.

The popular dish chicken tikka is made of chicken cutlets in marinade. A westernised version, chicken tikka masala, is a widely popular dish in the United Kingdom.
The marinade used in the preparation of chicken tikka can also be called tikka. It is made from a mixture of aromatic spices and dahi (the Indian word for plain yoghurt).
Tikka pronounced with a hard 't' can mean a forehead mark or a needle.

South Asian men and women sometimes wear a mark on the forehead, a dot, smudge, or lines of red, black, or ash-grey. The woman's mark is most often called a bindi. It can be worn as a decoration, by women of any religion, or as a Hindu religious observance. The mark worn by some Hindu men is called a tikka. The most common tikka is red powder applied with the thumb, in an upward stroke.
Tikka can also be a name.

Tikka Khan was Chief of Pakistan Army.
In other languages:

Tikka is also a line of hunting rifles manufactured by Finnish firearms manufacturer SAKO.
Tikka is also a model of headlamp by Petzl.
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Bisous ta BD

Dridri a dit…

Waaaaa j adore la premiere photo. Ca y es t es completement integree !? :p

J veux abslument te voir habillee comme la !

Shaeena a dit…

jolie les vêtements ;-)


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